07 January 2009

New Dolls

I have a few new dolls in my Etsy shop...

follow the pictures for details!

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Odddollz by Jacqui said...

OMG I LOVE your dolls!!! They have so much character and personality.....and they are as cute as a pig's ear!! ( that is a good thing, lol)
AMazingly creative:)


Jodi Cain said...

Hehe...thank you Jacqui :)

navi said...

Hello Jodi, your dolls are coooool! I am dollmaker too, and I'm searching other dollmakers throughout the world for links exchanges... would you accept...? (friendship between dollmakers/bloggers you know...) well, anyway, I put here my url:
the blog's name is OH MY DOLL!
You're great! Good Morning! (well, here in Italy it's 10 am now)

Jodi Cain said...

Sure Navi... I'd be happy to exchange links! I'll ad your blog here and if you'd like to swap website banners as well let me know at jodi@tatteredrags.net

Your dolls are really lovely!