25 August 2009

Zombie Doll Giveaway has ended!

Entry was closed last night at midnight and I've selected the winner!

Answers to the trivia questions are below and here is a link to the video drawing... Congratulations Carrol :)

Stay tuned everyone... I'll be hosting another creepy doll giveaway soon!

1. In what George Romero movie do the zombies pick up and use weapons? Land of the Dead

2. What movie is the following quote from? "You quit your sassing, boy! I pulled you outta your mother and I'll shove ya right back in!" Redneck Zombies

3. What horror comedy is this anti-grape quote from? "I hate grapes! I can't stand grapes, I loathe grapes! I hate red grapes, I hate green grapes! I hate them peeled and unpeeled, I hate them in bunches, small groups of twos and threes, and one at a time. I fucking hate grapes!" Psychos in Love

4. What is the name of the infamous mortuary in the movie Phantasm? Morningside Cemetery

5. What was Bela Lugosi's real name? Bela Blasko

6. What movie is this quote from? "So many pretty parts and no pretty wholes." May

7. Who was the only actor ever to play each of the following characters: Dracula, The Wolfman, Frankenstein and
The Mummy? Lon Chaney, Jr.

8. What was Boris Karloff's real name? William Henry Pratt

9. In the movie the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface wears three different skin masks. They are the Killing Mask, the Old Lady Mask, and...what was the third? The Pretty Woman Mask

10. In the movie Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds, which character was first used to test the catapult? Grandma

11. What movie is this quote from? "And I don't wanna hear any bullshit about ;I don't believe in vampires,' because I don't fuckin' believe in vampires, but I do believe in what I saw, and what I saw was fuckin' vampires! Now, does everybody agree we're dealing with vampires?" Dusk Till Dawn

12. What was the name of the super rat in the 1971 movie Willard? Ben

13. In Near Dark, what war is Jessie Hooker a veteran of? Civil War

14. List George Romero's Dead Series in chronological order. Night Of The Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, Diary Of The Dead

15.What type of dog was Cujo? Saint Bernard

16. What horror movie does the following quote come from? "My, my it's hot! But at least it's not sticky! I hate it when it's
sticky!" April Fools Day

17. Which is the first sequel to the 1960 film, Night Of The Living Dead? Dawn of the Dead

18. What film was cinema's first adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein? Thomas Edison's 1910 Frankenstein

19. What was cinema's first Zombie Movie and who starred in the leading role? White Zombie, Bela Lugosi

20. Who falls in love with the mayor's daughter and later keeps her head in Cemetery Man? Gnaghi

21. What Italian zombie movie from the 70's contains the infamous scene of a wood splinter through the eyeball? Luci Fulci's Zombie

22. In the Hills Have Eyes, who's fault was it that the family drove off the main road, and where were they headed? Bob the retired detective, California

23. In the movie Shaun of the Dead, name a few of the Album titles Shaun and Ed throw at zombies in the back yard. The Batman soundtrack, Sade, and Dire Straights.

24. In what vampire movie does one of the vampires say, "I hate it when they ain't been shaved?" Near Dark

25. What Joe D. Amato film was banned during the "video nasty" era for gruesome scenes which include the infamous cannibalization of a human fetus? Anthropophagus


Yve said...

How sad, I was never going to get half of those, but congrats to the winner :0)

Jodi Cain said...

Stay tuned... I'll be having another giveaway soon, and it won't require any horror trivia knowledge :)

Ruth Schaller said...

Congrats to the winner!