30 September 2010

Submit Your Creepy Doll Giveaway Entries Here!

Since Halloween is amongst us
and it happens to be my favorite holiday
I'd like to hear your scary stories, thoughts, ideas and such!
So if you'd like to be entered in a drawing to win this ghost doll
leave a comment and tell me something interesting that is halloween or horror related :)

Your name will then be entered in a drawing to win this creepy doll!

She is completely hand stitched and she stands 22 inches tall.
Drawing will take place on October 31st 2010.
The winner will be notified here and on Facebook.
Deadline for entry is midnight October 30th 2010!

This contest is worldwide!


Ruth Schaller said...

Did you know that they are coming out with a Saw 6? i loved the first 5 movies in this series. How about you? What do you think of them making a new one?

sweetbutnotsourscreations AT yahoo DOT com

Mee-ah said...

I love the doll.

Here's my creepy bit of the day: I was out waiting at the bus stop with the lady who lives in the next building, and she was asking me about how to research the history of a building. It turns out that she was taking pictures with her cellphone around the apartment and the one she took of her bathroom shows a man standing there, but the room was empty to the naked eye. Creepy!

Lori said...

OK, my spooky (true) story... my husband & I had just spent the day moving into out new house & decided to order chinese for dinner. we ate & then opened our fortune cookies, my fortune read "The Lawes may sleep but they never die". The thing is, the family we just purchased the home from had the last name of Lawes! THAT was really creepy! We lived there for about 8 years & I would have to admit it was haunted. Not in a mean way, but they were there.

Michelle said...

I see dead people... and talk to them too! muahahahaha!
Yes, really. I've had this gift all my life. I communicate with the dead, to pass messages along, to help them to cross over, to relieve their suffering, and to help them to communicate with their loved ones. Here at home, we have a older Hispanic lady who shows up any time I cook Mexican food. She just likes the smell! We had one in GA that showed up when I cooked fried chicken. She told me she was waiting there for her children to cross over. And there she waits, still...

Daph said...

Horror related, hmmm now that is REALLY up my dark alley. Did you know you could win one of my Horror dolls? Come over to my blog and have a cuppa tea with me, it would thrill me to have you visit. earthdancedaph.blogspot.com
Have you ever heard of Witches' Balls? They are the glass ornament balls that people hang around their houses in olden days, it was said to keep witches away and trap bad spells. I think they are very pretty.

Aimee Jeffries said...

I'm going to muster up the courage to go to the Haunted House, and Corn Maze this year...that Plantation is scary on any night of the year with the history, spanish moss swaying in front of a full moon. Plenty of swamp monsters that go bump in the night eeeeee! I just LOVE your dolls! creationsbyaj[at]yahoo[dot]com

phoneix-faerie said...

A quick scary story for you:

It was dark, dawn would be a few minutes yet. I stood there, amongst the bodies, covered in blood. There had been a monster there tonight, slaughtering my family. It had killed them without mercy, splattering blood over the walls. I'd been left here, curled up in my dress, staring in the mirror. I could only look at it in the mirror. If I turned around, I'd have to look at those sightless eyes, know they'd never smile at me again. There were scratches, cuts down my arm in the mirror. I shuddered, glancing down, and managed to make out what they said. I wiped at it with shirt, making the message clearer. "KILLER". I smiled in the mirror, and my sharp teeth glinted in the early morning light.

Mindy said...

My family loves to scare the crap out of each other, but when it was learned that my knees give out when I'm frightened, I've become the target of all of their scares. I've had my mother hide in my car at night. My sister will scare me when she arrives at my house. And my sister and brother are scheming to show up in my place in the middle of the night pretending to be the one thing I'm most scared of: zombies. I love my family.

Kainenchen said...

The dead sometimes are dragged through the place they occupy in a horrible sort of half-consciousness, a corruption of memory. The King in Yellow clings to the dim and remembering parts of man that fears, among other things, death, and which desires to remain a ruler above all other men, whom they wish to be their subjects. Arrogance flutters beneath his scallopped tatters, and he smiles, beneath his mask that is no mask, to hear men speak of lofty things, for unwittingly when they talk of building their temporal kingdoms do they build Carcosa...

"The ambition of Caesar and of Napoleon pales before that which could not rest until it had seized the minds of men and controlled even their unborn thoughts".

"The yellow jester does not play, but gently pulls the strings
And smiles as the puppets dance, in the court of the Crimson King"

tarayvonne said...

Our house seems to be a pass-through place for spirits (and I know what you may be thinking, it's our imaginations or we're exaggerating simple things that can be explained away) but really it's true. If it were just one person having the experiences then maybe it could be speculated on. But we all feel them come through. We do live right next to a graveyard but there is a field between it and our home. I don't know if that has something to do with it or not. But at night when we're in bed before we fall asleep we feel them all over our bed. It feels like a cat walking across our legs. We do have a cat but the cat will be laying up by our heads and we're awake to know the difference. And when this occurs the cat leaves the room quick, looking freaked out. And then won't come back into our room for days. This happens sporadically, here and there. There has been times we've went a year with nothing happening and then wham, back again. My husband has thought he felt me sit down on the edge of the bed and nothing is there but he can feel the indentation there. Don't know why us but it's happened for years on and off. Your dolls are really cool I must say :) I like looking at them, always have when I see one posted somewhere.

Diane said...

my fave tidbit of horror trivia is that the bride of frankenstein's anniversary is on my birthday, april 22!

LOVE the doll!!! <3

BabyNest said...

I do have a ghost story,...but first I'd like to let you know I am smitten with your shop...I so love your Sweeney Todd Mrs. Lovette doll.
Okay, so it was way back in 1991, San Bernadino..I was with a good friend of mine, in an antique shop which use to be a home...an old Victorian...Gorgeous to say the least. I wondered into a small room to browse on my own, it suddenly felt cold...I could have sworn someone was watching me from behind and above...I turned and there was a staircase leading up to a closed door...just then my friend walked into the room, and told me how chilled it felt in there. I pointed to the door...we then asked the shop keeper what was up in that closed room..she said it is not open to the public, a small boy died up there a hundred years earlier...and he watches....

Tina C said...

I adore your dolls! I really love this one because it has this Dia De Los Muertos motif. It reminds me of my adventure with my best friend to Olvera Street in Los Angeles a couple years ago the day after Halloween. There were sugar skulls for sale, mariachi shows, delicious Mexican food, performances and little shrines honoring the dead.

Suzanne said...

I would love to win this doll!

My dad told me that the night of his father's funeral he heard his dad walk down the hallway, stop and cough at his door, then continued to walk down to his mother's room. My dad, just a child at the time, was so scared he just hid under the bed.

mamipdx said...

oh my. i am in love with all of your creepy, endearing creations.
last halloween my 10 year old daughter created a 'bloody bride' costume. she dressed in a tattered and ripped wedding dress from the thrift store, wore a twiggy and scratchy wig, painted her face 'dead,' and carried a flower girl basket for her candy. the finishing touch was a (plastic) knife stabbed into her stomach- staining the white dress blood red. it was the most horrific and creative costume i saw the entire halloween 'season.'
thank you!

igea said...

I live in italy and there is a ghost of a young girl that dead in a car accident,that ,a lot of people see ,still now,long the road where she was killed and this occurs during autumn and halloween period :this is a real fact no "fiction" ,"novel" etc etc if I remeber,good,her name is "melissa" ....
Your dolls are "wow-gulp" LOL you are a real artist.

meeyeehere said...

The only creepy thing that is horror related I know about is that my husbands uncle hacked off his grand fathers head with an axe and now lives in an institution. I also live in the town where the writer Tennessee Williams lived and died by choking on a wine cork.The lady he wrote the Stella Character about supposedly haunts the house where they both died within a couple months of each other.
Love that doll! So wonderful and Tim Burton ish

Fellow Rover said...

You are so very talented. I this doll you are giving away.
Where I live in the Philippines, we don't really go on trick or treats. Instead, we go to the cemetery to light candles and say prayers for our dearly departed. It's great in the cemetery during this time of the year: the graveyards are newly painted (white) so they stand in all their glory under the hot tropical sun. After the cemetery, we go home for dinner and offer food for the dead by placing them in the Altar. Then we light candles outside the house "to light their way". Lastly, we huddle in bed together to watch ghost stories on tv! It's a Filipino tradition.
khrisocubillo at yahoo dot com

jhitomi said...

I love your dolls, they are so wonderfully creepy in a cute way. One year at Halloween I was a teenager and volunteered at a Haunted House. I was one of several girls dressed up like ghouls and with white creepy makeup. When people came into our totally dark room, we had a strobe light going and rushed at them scaring them and screaming. I am usually a quiet reserved person, so this was really an odd thing for me to do. Anyway, ever since, I have hated strobe lights.
jhbalvin at gmail dot com

eclairre said...

In 2004, the most popularly searched for candy on the internet were: 1. Tootsie Roll and 2. Hershey's Milk Chocolate, according to keepkidshealthy (dot)com


Wehaf said...

I can offer a suggestion for a book and a movie: The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James, is an excellent creepy story, replying heavily on psychological terror. The film adaptation, The Innocents, is marvelous as well. The story is finely honed, suspenseful, and completely unpredictable - a perfect ghost story.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Kathy said...

When I was growing up, the house we lived in was "haunted". Nothing scary happened, but occasionally my mother and sister saw the ghost of the elderly man that died there. Now that I own my own home, I believe we have "vistors" as well. We're always hearing mumbled voices coming from the basement and the dog really doesn't like it.

Kelli Bear Haven said...

I have alway said my mother's house was haunted but nobody believed me. I would hear footsteps coming down the hall and would sware is was my Dad but nobody was home but me. I woke up once and saw a man standing over me too. After I got married my mom told me the same thing had happened to her one morning. She still doesn't believe herself. She just says she must have been dreaming. I know I wasn't dreaming!!

Jessica Estes said...

One Halloween, after trick-or-treating of course, I waited for my sister to go to sleep. I opened the curtain to let the moonlight in. i strapped a pillow onto an upside down mop with a belt and put a cape over it and a witch's hat on top of it. i stood it up in the window so that all you could see was the silhouette. I laid on the floor by her bed and reached up and tapped her and whispered her name. she rolled over, saw it and froze up. Then I jumped up and screamed "RAWR". She screamed so loud and took off running. after that, she was so scared to walk from one room to another by herself or even sleep alone. I traumatized that girl... I hope I win that doll though! She is so adorable!

Michelle said...

This is the first Halloween in over 25 years that I'm getting to dress up & go to a party. It's a zombie prom and I'm dressing up as a gothic ragdoll.
I can't wait, I'm 43 yrs. old and as excited as a kid for Halloween! The whole enchilada; costumes, parties, spooky music, the decorations, treats, tricks...all of it!
Your dolls are stunning, it would be a true honor to win her this Halloween!

Tamra said...

Oh please oh please let me win this AMAZING doll. We've had a pumpkin carving party for the past 16 years. Every year is a different theme - this year's is "Funeral". I made the invitations to look like an obituary notice using an online newspaper generator. So cool - I'll send you one!

Michelle said...

Hi I'm Michelle Doyle. I contacted you about your dolls recently. Now here's my scary story. I was watching a really grusome episode of CSI late one night. The onlything making a sound was the tv, when suddenly we heard this sound of somehting scraping against metal. Looked out the window and saw nothing outside. Couldn't watch the rest of the episode of CSI. And a few nights later discovered it had been black a cat sharpening its claws on the window screen.

sassypackrat said...

My son and I see a ghost of a woman in a long flowing white dress every Fall late at night in the same place. She stands on the side of the road and then turns away. We can see her dress rustle in the wind. We've seen her several times and I've once seen her when I was by myself. She's not scary or anything but your doll kind of reminds me of her with the long white dress and long hair.

Pin-Feathers said...

Wow, your doll is fantastic. I'd love to win this ghost doll!
My creepy story involves a co-worker of my ex. This guy was walking downtown and saw this very tall man ahead of him walking - the tall man turned his head and looked at him which made him really uncomfortable and creeped him out because the tall guys eyes were so black and menacing looking. The street was crowded with people but this tall guy really creeped him out so he stopped for a second and while he was deciding which way to go, he looked the scary guy up and down and felt immediately terrified because he noticed that although the tall man continued walking, his feet were facing the wrong way.
This scared the guy for a long time because in his culture, if you see someone who's feet are turned the wrong way, this is a sign of the devil.

CathyH said...

Your dolls are beautiful! I am a big Ghost Hunters fan. A couple of summers ago my niece and I went on a ghost hunt with Jason and Grant in the Rolling Hills sanitorium. Back at the hotel I listened to voice recorder. I am asking if anyone is there. On my recorder in an English accent you hear: "I'm right here. I'm behind you" !! After hearing that the 2nd night I was more spooked!

theothermagdalene said...

I wish I had something spooky or supernatural to share. Maybe the description of my apocalypse necklace will suffice. I have a serious terror of apocalypse:

"The sky is too red for just the evening sunset - the deep crimson color of light through blood. It is the evening before the end, the triumphantly violent finish in the midst of the escalation of human depravity and despair. The horizon lights up with ash and smoke, soon to blot out the sun as it covers the atmosphere with a sun-stopping blanket. Plants will struggle to drink in the darkened sun, and life as we know it will wither, a mass extinction from which few will survive.

If that sounds bleak, it is. But at least it'll be pretty."

Therese Taylor said...

First, I love your dolls! My creepy story happened a few years ago in a place I rented with my son. There were lots of weird things happening and my cats were freaked out there. I always felt like someone was looking at me through my bedroom closet. The door would unlatch and open slightly on it's own and it really creeped me out! I found out later that a family had lived in this house with a abusive dad, he used to lock the kids in the closet in my room for days. Eventually he was arrested for killing his wife and abusing the kids. It had happened only 8 yrs earlier...needless to say I didn't stay in that house for long!

Therese Taylor said...

First, I love your dolls! My creepy story happened a few years ago in a place I rented with my son. There were lots of weird things happening and my cats were freaked out there. I always felt like someone was looking at me through my bedroom closet. The door would unlatch and open slightly on it's own and it really creeped me out! I found out later that a family had lived in this house with a abusive dad, he used to lock the kids in the closet in my room for days. Eventually he was arrested for killing his wife and abusing the kids. It had happened only 8 yrs earlier...needless to say I didn't stay in that house for long!

twannywun said...

Halloween fact! The first Jack-o-Lanterns were made in Ireland out of hollowed-out turnips!

karen s
twannywun at hotmail dot com

Custom Zombie said...

I'm very excited about AMC's new series, The Walking Dead (premiers on Halloween). It is based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. He is from Lexington, KY - where I live - and his first published comic was "Battle Pope"!

Anonymous said...

We celebrate Day of the Dead because I've always gone to a Spanish Immersion school- since Pre-school. Latinos look at Death quite differently than Anglos. Death is not scary or morbid. It can even be funny. Your dolls remind me of Dia de los muertos.
tiedyefrog at gmail.com

Lorraine Moore ~ Artsy Craftsy Folks said...

Love- Love- Love your dolls! I would love to be entered for a chance to win this beauty.:)
When I was 9 years old I saw a "ghost" at my parents house.....no one believed me ofcourse.......later when I was in my early 20's I described the "g...host" I saw to an elderly man in the community...he told me that before my dad built his house of the property, when this elderly man himself was a boy - that a man lived in a one room shack, and that he was a hermit who never left the house, and the ghost I saw looked exactly like him........ creepy and true. :)

Amy said...

Halloween trivia! Jack o’ Lanterns originated in Ireland where people placed candles in hollowed-out turnips to keep away spirits and ghosts on the Samhain holiday.
So excited about this giveaway! I love your dolls so much!!

Alexz said...

Love your dolls so much!

Here is some creepypasta for ya!:

You come into possession of an old box. Inside are several glass vials filled with dirt, dust and tiny bits of gravel or cement. The vials are labeled with places and dates such as “Port Chicago 7/17/44?, “Halifax 7/6/17? and “Guernica 7/17/36?. A trip to the library confirms that all are dates of massive loss of life in explosions. A few days later a package arrives with no return address.
Inside is an empty vial labeled with your home town and next week’s date.

-Alexz, aka Spooky Pooky


Greta said...

There are so many things I could share with you, such as I speak for the dead, or the story of many spirits whom I have met along the way. But instead I will share with you an interesting place I found on the internet that some how or another brought me to your page today. There is a place in Cairo that the living and the dead share. It's not available for tourism but if you are lucky enough to visit there you will find shops and houses built along side of gravestones and Tombs of the dead. In the center of this city is a massive mausoleum. It is not uncommon to find a headstone in someone's front yard. (evil_greta@yahoo.com)

TheOddChild said...
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Samantha Harris said...

Everyone knows that there are so many tales about halloween and many wives tales, but there are things that have happened to me other than halloween..I moved into a house in the country back in the year 2002 and things were going very normal for...awhile, until we starting having strange manifestations throughout the house. I would do laundry and later the washer would stop. I thought that was weird so I went into the laundry room to discover the lid was all the way up, there was nobody else home except for me so I knew there was no explanation for what happened..we had other things happen like hearing voices, an energy pushing us back when trying to walk up the stairs, and the electricity shorting out for no apparent reason. We later found out that a woman back in the day commited suicide by hanging herself above the stairs after a child she was babysitting accidentally drown in a swimming pool. We don't live there anymore but til this day anyone who lives there is haunted by that elderly woman..:) that was freaky living there. Samantha Harris from el paso, texas

Pin-Feathers said...

ok, another skeery story to tell. The legend goes like this - In the dark ages, in an area of England, on the moors, it is said that at one time, there were hundreds of vampires luring young folk in and killing them - so many that the people of the local town feared they would cease to exist, and the vampires would take over.
So, they got together and devised a plan to kill the vampires. Over a three day period, they made hundreds of stakes and only the strongest of the men set out for the moors to wage war on these creatures.
The battle was fought hard and many men were bitten and killed (and had to be staked before they awoke as vampires) but the rest of them succeeded in killing all the vampires.
At that time, it was known that you had to leave the dead vampires where they lay and allow the earth to bury them, no matter how long it took or how terrifying it was to see these staked corpses strewn all over the ground. You were never to pull the stakes out of the ground because it would release the vampires from death and they would become
more menacing than ever before.
Well, hundreds of years later, people from outside ask why there are so many stakes protruding from the earth - and they are told the story to be made aware of the consequences of removal. Just recently, someone who had wandered through there one night became so terrified, they ran screaming into the local Church and could not be calmed down for quite some time and when the Priest was finally able to ask the young man what scared him so, with a voice still shaking with fear, he told the Priest he was wandering the moors when a thick mist came up - so thick
he could not see and ended up stumbling and nearly knocking one of the stakes from its hold in the ground and as he did, he heard a whisper from the ground......"You pull, I'll push"


Avery said...

At my grandparents house in my little sisters and my room (we were probably 5 and 7) there was one of those lifestyle dolls. It was really old and my little sister and I were terrified of it, so every night before we went to bed we would turn it around so that it faced the wall and all we could see was its less creepy backside. Every morning when we would wake up we would freak out because the thing would be facing us, even though we clearly had turned it around. We for sure thought that the darn thing was haunted...

My grandpa later told us some years later that every morning when he would check on us he would notice that the doll was facing the other way and he could not figure out why, so he would turn it right-side-round...

It's nice to know that the doll wasn't haunted and that it was just our grandpa... And luckily I no longer have a fear of creepy dolls ;)


Samantha M. said...

You have the most amazing dolls, this one would look so perfect with my other creepy thing.
Heres my spooky tale. I grew up in the same house the my grandma grew up in and my great grandpa died in, my room was in the attic. A few times when my mom or aunt would has a crappy bf, when he would go through the door and up the stairs, the door would lock and they would be pushed down the stairs. No one was every hurt but too me it was funny because I always felt very safe up there and the door never stuck.

Trace said...

Halloween is my all-time, hands down FAVORITE Holiday. I mean the whole bit; costumes, pumpkin carving, scary movies, trick-or-treating. It's the one time I can put skulls and scary things all over my house without friends and family looking at me strangely (teehee). The only thing I love more than Halloween is books.

My Dad passed away a few years ago. I think of him daily this time of year. He was singularly responsible for my love of literature. As a child he took me to the public library each week. It was our thing to do together. He placed no limitations on what I was allowed to read. As long as I could physically carry it out of the building, I could read it. Yes I read all the standard stuff, Hardy Boys mysteries, Judy Blume, S.E. Hinton. But one of my most vivid memories was the day I came across a paperback with an all black cover and a girls face half in shadow. She looked haunted. The cover horrified and fascinated me. I took it home and read it cover to cover in 48 hours. That book was Carrie by Stephen King. I was 9 years old.


Savannah Horrocks said...

Something interesting that is Halloween related...

Growing up in MN, I had the wonderful experience of trick or treating in a blizzard one year. My friend that was trick or treating with me was wearing a tweetie costume with big pillowy slipper feet that got utterly SOAKED because she refused to switch into real shoes.

That isn't TERRIBLY interesting so lets see if I can think of something better...

This is tougher than I thought it would be!!! I love Halloween and I just found your dolls and I am in LOVE, particularly with THIS DOLL XD I want to make sure I say something WORTHY of being put in the drawing!



This is BOO. I'm not TERRIBLY happy with the art of her, but you get the idea. She steals candy from kids trick or treating. There is a child crying somewhere because she totally stole that bucket of candy. She steals as much candy as possible and hoards it all.


This is Jack! AND I love this picture of him so yay! He runs around smashing everyone's HARD WORK. He will DESTROY as many jack-o-lanterns as he can. He also messes up other decorations along the way, knocking things over, chewing through wires for lights, etc!

OKAY THERE. I feel I have done my best to give you some interesting halloween tidbits. I have never had much luck when it comes to drawings (well you know. The kind where you draw a name to win something!) so I'm not really counting on winning, but hey I gave it a shot, and whoever DOES win that doll is SUPER LUCKY. its so so so cute!!!

Huguette E. said...

Awesome job on the dolls.
Interesting fact about Halloween: Jack-o-lanterns were first carved carved from turnips.
henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

nitebyrd said...

She's just gorgeous!

I can't think of anything scary. In my younger days, I would hold seances in cemeteries on Halloween. Usually the scariest thing that would happen was the cops we had to run from!

chantell said...

One day while home with my dd(at time she was bout a yr) we were in the livingrm. i hear a mans voice crackle through her bb monitor down the hall. not sure what he said but it scared the poop outta me..then later that day there were 2 times that a large "boom" went through the house so loud it shook it. i know that there was a man that died in our house and it was it was a suspicious death..

Stephanie said...

I love your Halloween enthusiasm and the doll is so creepy yet so cool! So, here is my creepy little story which is also a true one.

My grandma passed away in 2004 and it was something that affected me greatly. It was very unexpected. After that my family all pitched in to clean out her house. They were all standing in the dining room when they heard strange sounds from the basement. It sounded like someone knocking on the heater and it was LOUD. My grandfather walked in the house, it stopped. He went back out, it started again. He walked in and out a few times to see if it really was connected to him, and it started and stopped some more. The toilet flushed by itself, too. We were all pretty sure it was my grandma. Then a few weeks later we went up to our cabin in the woods of West Virginia to stay for the weekend and some other things happened that made us quite sure it really was the ghost of my grandma. My cousin had confided in me that he was sleeping in the bedroom next to my aunt's when he sat up and saw a white figure rush past his bed so fast that he could feel the air whooshing past him as it went. The way he described it, it would've stopped right at my aunt's doorway because you have to go through his bedroom to get to my aunt's. I told my aunt this later and she was SHOCKED because she had an eerily similar experience that she had never told anyone but my grandfather about. That night in the cabin, my aunt suddenly sat up in the middle of the night and my grandma was standing in the doorway. My aunt called out her name and she disappeared, however. My cousin and I both find this creepy and kind of scary I guess because we've just watched too many horror movies, but my aunt is comforted by this fact because she feels like at least she knows my grandma is still around. Truthfully, I'd like to feel this way, too, but.. ghosts scare me :(


Aelwyn said...

oh, what a lovely doll!

Here is my creepy story (and it's all true):

Backstory: My grandparents used to work at a big mansion called Ruthven. Grandad was a chauffer and Grammy was a cook/housekeeper. They stopped working there when my mum was wee, and the last of the line of family who owned it (they were one of the founding families of Ontario) died, the house went into disrepair.

Story: After a historical group got the house donated to them, they started fixing it up. They moved furniture around and started repairs.

Myself and a big group of people went to the house in the middle of the night to walk around. We had flashlights, and some had divining rods.

The first creepy thing that happened was:

a) We were standing on the right hand side of the house, and could hear the piano playing. Which wouldn't be strange, except it was past midnight, no one was in the house, and the piano had been moved to the "Men's smoking room" (as the historical society called it) on the LEFT side of the house!

b) My friend and I were lagging behind the group, and walked past the statue that ALWAYS gave me the creeps. It was of a young girl, maybe 12, and I strongly believe it was in honour of a girl that age who died (her gravestone rests in the family cemetery on the plot of land where the house is). I'd seen the statue many times, and it always gave me chills--whether in full daylight or not. This time, as we walked past it, something happened.

The stone head stayed stationary, but it was like a GHOST of the stone head moved OUT of the statue, and turned and looked at us, mouth gaping, eyes wide.

Now, despite the fact that I'm a Witch, I'm still a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal. I believe it when I see it.

And I SAW it!

My friend and I looked at each other, faces ashen, and just started running towards the group. Even though we are no longer friends (we had a falling out) we still both agree to that happening to this day.

VainGlorySinner said...

Google friend connect isn't working and I really, really want to follow your blog!!

I'll keep checking back to see if it will work.

I'm a huge fan on the weird, the strange, odd and the macabre myself and I adore dolls of such influences!

Just my luck that I happened upon your website whilst searching google for handmade spooky dolls and oh boy! it just so happens that you make the cutest yet creepiest little dolls i've seen yet! An even more wicked thing is you're having a giveaway!

I have a few little things to tell..

When I was about 11 I was woken up by my nan who was standing in my doorway and she told me to get up because I was going to be late for school. (This was very strange seeing as my nan lived 50 odd miles away so I was obviously half asleep dreaming).. Then my mum woke me up and told me to get up because I was going to be late for school. It turns out that my nan died that morning. I like to think of it as her last visit.

Also my boyfriend and I have just moved house. I was scouring the net one day looking for history of the area when I came across an old miners diary and it says.. Feb 15th, 1923 - Terrible drama at (my town), Wife and baby in pool of blood, Mrs Mitchell of 29, Bennison Street and 3 years old baby girl, woman cut baby's throat, then her own.. Thats the house nextdoor to us.

Also when we moved into this house we found a load of old legal documentation such as death certificates and land and house deeds and at least 2 people that we know of have died in this house.. going to be keeping my eyes open for any spooky goings on this Hallowe'en.

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P.S. I think your dolls are just beautifully made and gorgeous. You must be proud of every single one you have ever given life to.

Anonymous said...

how about a halloween themed secret of mine?

i read frankenstein much too young as a kid [still my favorite book], and i use to imagine the creation was my best friend. i looked for him everywhere for years and years just in case the story got it wrong.

:] happy halloween!! your dolls are amazing.

GothFaerieQueen said...

An apartment building that I used to live in was haunted. The most active moment was one night when my ex and I were in the living room area. Both our cats were just staring at the bedroom and then suddenly we heard a loud "pop". I went into the bedroom and I found pieces of broken plastic all over the place. But in weird places - under the bed, behind the dresser; places where it would be hard to get to if it exploded in the open.

There was also nothing plastic that was broken or missing. So, we have no idea where the plastic came from.