17 July 2008

My Nibblefest Entry

I finished the doll I made for the Nibblefest Art Contest.
She will be up for auction on Sunday evening July 20th with a $0.99 starting bid!

The theme is Angels & Demons...
She's 22 inches tall and completely hand stitched. She's wearing a white crinkled chiffon gown that just flows so nicely... I really love that fabric!

Her Angel wings are hand stitched with white wool and soft white feathers each individually sewn on.

She carries a little ancient Egyptian book of the dead that I sculpted with paper clay.

It also has little working pages inside filled with actual hieroglyphics from the original.

And a pewter cross on a chain.

She's hiding black panties, fishnet stockings and black leather shoes underneath.

And she has two little black demon horns coming out of her head.

I had fun making this doll and I think she came out just lovely! :)

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