24 July 2008

New Zombie Chick!

I finished another Zombie doll yesterday! She will probably be my last one for a while since I have lots of other projects to tackle.

She's available in my Etsy Shop

Just follow her picture for details!

My kids go back to school next Friday so my excuse to be slack where the dolls are concerned will end there.

I have a pile of customs to finish up in the next several weeks and then I plan on making a dozen or so Halloween themed dolls, to get myself ahead a bit.

Hopefully that will allow me more free time to finish up a couple of paintings I started working on this summer, and to get started on a sculpture I can't seem to get out of my mind.


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FairiesNest said...

Very gory dear! Lucky you, my kids don't head back for another month...

Jodi said...

hehe! You should have seen my Mom's face yesterday when she stopped by and saw this doll LOL! She was like "oh that's nice Jodi" but I could see the "what the hell is wrong with her" look in her eye haha!

Back to school is one of those double edge sword things...on the one hand, summer vacation is too short and I like spending more time with them, and on the other hand it's nice to have the days to myself again!

Wilma said...

Well said.